a brief study of my inability to sit down and write a blog post

a brief study of my inability to sit down and write a blog post

May 29, 2023

With assistance from Eric Sztraky and William Harvel

A Day in the Life of a Mom and wife, entrepreneur and crafter, kangaroo and a giraffe

It's been a month and a half since I sat down in a blur of frustrated inspiration to write about my neighbor and the lifelong struggle of SAHMs (and moms in general) when it comes to the desire to do ANYTHING for ourselves.

There are reasons why it took so long, but the validity of these reasons is up to opinion. Yours, probably. I don't have an opinion. I'm too tired. 

In the time since then I've been working myself in circles as my husband and I prepare to launch my next business venture. There are a million things to do, but none of them takes very long.

I also recently started cross stitching again and got the idea to acquire a complete collection of DMC cotton floss (By the way, there are over 500 colors of DMC cotton currently available if you don't count discontinued lines). I don't know if Full-Set Syndrome is a real thing. But it FEELS real. 

A small cross-stitched cowboy hat, black with a yellow band. It's smaller than the fingers holding the fabric

Meanwhile, polymer clay was calling out to me, begging to be squished and obsessed over. I don't have any pictures of the flowers I made but they are BRIGHT and FUN and I love them.

It's easy to say things like, “well I have three kids” or “these floors are so disgusting!” But that only partially explains why I haven't written a second post.

The truth is, every time I sit down at my computer or sync my cutie keyboard to my tablet, I find myself watching YouTube videos about productivity (This one is fantastic, by the way) instead of actually getting something done.

A woman works at a computer rendering a 3d model of a cat-like creature

It’s a verifiable fact that I am kind of a brilliant person and I have amazing ideas. It’s also pretty verifiable that I’ve never actually done much of anything about these ideas, and I’ve been digging into myself lately as to why. Turns out, there are actually three culprits - and no, I didn’t give birth to any of them.

Not literally, anyway.

Unfortunately I seem to have forgotten to hit save when I finished this post (over a week ago) and I honestly can’t remember any of the genuinely interesting and insightful thoughts I had on the subject. Somewhere in there was a promise of my absolutely ridiculous Imposter Syndrome becoming a whole post of its own.

Another note I vaguely remember considering is my actual psychiatric diagnoses, which both interfere, sometimes severely, with my executive function.

But the whole thing kind of boiled down to, I want to do more things than I am actually capable of doing and I really need to figure out how to not have this problem anymore.

I’d love to try to ride this train of thought to an actual productive ending but I think my dog wants my attention and, honestly, there are days when literally ANYTHING is more appealing than introspection.

By the way, Imposter Syndrome is a real thing and it CAN kill you, so if you’re struggling with that particular issue, please tell someone. I’m not kidding. I’m not exaggerating. You can reach out to ME if you need to.


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